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Homework Help: Momentum after collision

  1. Jul 10, 2005 #1
    Let's say you throw a 3.5 kg lawn bowling ball forward (that is in the positive direction) at 12.3 m/s and it hits a 0.6 kg "pin" that is at rest. If the pin flies forward at 34.4 m/s, what is the ball's new velocity?
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  3. Jul 10, 2005 #2
    Just solve the following equation:

    3.5*12.3 = 3.5v + 0.6*34.4
  4. Jul 11, 2005 #3
    The total momentum before and after remains equal in absence of external forces , Equate the momenta before and after the event.

    Initially : Ball's momentum with 'v' in positive sirection

    Finally: PIN's momentum in positive direction+ Ball's mometum in negative x direction

    Equate them.

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