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Momentum and Collision

  1. Sep 24, 2009 #1
    Okay this is a question about after two balls collide knowing their speeds and directions and mass before collision, what is their speed and direction after collision in two dimensional space.

    more specifically i need to know this because i am programming a game in which i need accurate ball behavior so, assuming collision occurs at the origin, and ball one comes from x degrees and ball 2 comes from x degrees, and i know their speeds, and can make up a mass for them based on their size,

    how do i figure out their direction and speed? also note that at this point i am ignoring friction or anyother outside forces, but that will change in later development

    thanks for any help and guidance you could give me

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    You need to use the equation for collisions. I don't know whether in your case it is elastic or inelastic. Write an equation for each dimension, one for all momentum in the x direction and one for all the momentum in the y direction.
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    it is not elastic, it is as though 2 billiard balls hit eachother.. do you know where i could find these equations? thanks

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