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Momentum And Direct Impact. Subtopic: Impulsive Tension.

Momentum And Direct Impact. Subtopic: Impulsive Tension. Help..

1. The problem statement, all
variables and given/known

Three particles A, B and C all of mass m rest on a smooth horizontal plane so that angle ABC is 120 degree. B is connected to both A and C by light inextensible string which are initially just taut. An impulse J is then applied to particle B in a direction making an angle of 150
with BC and 90 with BA.
Find impulsive tension in each string and the initial velocity of each particle.

2. Relevant equations

3. The attempt at a solution
I could do one similar question i.e. when the impulse is applied to B making a horizontal direction to the right. The horizontal velocity of A and B would be the same but A also experiences vertical move. However for this question, I can't solve it. I've tried many times but still don't get the point.

key answers given:
J √3 / 15; 4J√3 / 15
v A: J√3 / 15m along AB
v B: 2J√21 / 15m at arctan 3√3 to AB
v C: 4J√3 / 15m along CB

Please help me. Thanks in advance!
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