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Momentum and Force

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    2 Situations.
    One: Two identical cars crash head on (inelasticly) @ v miles per hour each (in opposide directions of course).
    Two: A car identical to those two cards crashes (inelasticly) @ v miles per hour into a brick wall (ie. solid and unmovable... although I have seen pics of a car that just went through a brick wall...).
    Wich of the two situations results in the greatest impact force.

    Which answer?
    The forces are the same in both.
    Hitting the other car (One>Two).


    I figure F (impluse; whatever) =delta(P) right? So in the first situation delta P is greater since they have opposing velocites (-P and P).
    But if you do P+J=0 then J=P in both cases right?

    I'm pretty confused; what's right and why? HElps mes!
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    in the first situation the impuls transfert is bigger due to the two moving objects...
    in the second situation only the car has impulse p...

    maybe this will help...

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    Doc Al

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    The impulse on each car is the same in both situations.
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    Ya, I got it now. I sorta misunderstook what was being asked... they are both right depending weather you interpert the question correctly or not :p
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