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B Momentum and Force

  1. Jun 28, 2016 #1

    Just started studying this chapter and everything is just floating around my head.
    Im self studying Newton's Laws of motion and I'm having trouble imagining and getting used to it. Like i can't get a feel of force or momentum. I hope you get what I mean even though it sounds wired.
    You know like one would clearly know what velocity and acceleration is.

    So what I made out is Force is the rate of change of momentum, and impulse is the change in momentum.

    I can use the formulas
    and the equations of motion to solve most of the numericals in the beginning.

    But i really love physics and I like to properly understand things from the core up, but unfortunately my brain can't interpret these concepts.

    Can you please tell me how you interpret these concepts physically and make sense of them all.

    I'd like to squeeze in a quick question: What's the best way to self study physics to master concepts like be really good and be able to solve all the problems. Like im ready to put in as much time and effort it takes and sacrifice anything I have to. The current way I do it I end up with a lot of doubts which takes 2-3 days to understand on my own.(the reason why i came here to reduce that) and if a tough problem comes which I haven't practiced before im not really able to solve it indicating my concepts aren't really that clear which implies to the fact that I have a fault in my study structure.

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    From an intuitive standpoint momentum is the amount of motion an object has, in terms of being able to transfer that motion in a collision. So if a car runs into you going 100 kph you are going to be moved much more than if the same car runs into you going 1 kph, the faster car has more momentum. Similarly, an insect running into you at 100 kph will move you less than a car at the same speed, the more massive object has more momentum.

    The most important thing about momentum is that it is conserved.
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    I would even say, that's all there is to momentum. Just like with energy we found a conserved quantity, which is useful to make predictions.
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    Several off topic posts and responses have been removed.
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    In my judgment, a better way of saying this is that rate of change of momentum is equal to net force. Impulse is contact force integrated over time.
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    Do you mean it's not always conserved? Could you please give an example?

    Thanks guys for the intuition on those concepts, so from what you said Dale, Momentum is a quantity that defines 2 important aspects of Motion together for analysis,

    and thanks Chester-miller that one line on impulse is more self-explanatory than the whole paragraph in my book .
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    While an individual force represents a transfer of momentum.
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