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Homework Help: Momentum and impulse

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    if an impulse of 25 N~s results, how would one describe the change in momentum?

    how is that number related or indicative of the change in momentum?

    i could be way off. that's likely. thanks.
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    Impulse is change in momentum.
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    momentum-impulse theorem says:
    delta p = impulse;
    if impulse is 25 it means that there is a change in momentum, i.e. momentum is not conserved...final momentum is greater than initial...that's all I know...I hope it helped.
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    so if it asks what change in momentum does the cart undergo, i write 25 N~s? i thought momentum was measured in kg~m/s.
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    [tex]Ft=m\Delta v[/tex]

    What is on the left? What is on the right?
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    If you calculate what a Newton is in primary units, you'll see that [itex]Ns=kg\,m/s[/itex]
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    What is on the left? What is on the right?[/QUOTE]

    is that question for me?

    Ft is impulse and mv is momentum, and impulse = change in momentum, or maybe it wasn't a question for me???:confused:
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    Sorry, I mixed you up with the OP.
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