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Momentum ap physic problem ( please help me)

  1. Nov 27, 2007 #1
    An incident ball A of mass 0.10 kg is sliding at 1.4 m/s on the horizontal tabletop of negligible friction show above. It makes a head on collision with a target ball B of mass 0.50 kg at rest at the edge of the table. As a result of the collision, the incident ball rebounds, sliding backwards at 0.70 m/s immediately after the collision.

    (a). Calculate the speed of the 0.50 kg target ball immediately after the collision

    The tabletop is 1.20 m above a level, horizontal floor. The target ball is projected horizontally and initially strikes the floor at a horizontal displacement d from the point of collision.

    (b) Calculate the horizontal distance d

    In another experiment on the same table, the target ball
    B is replaced by target ball C of mass 0.1 kg. The incident
    ball A again slides at 1.4 m/s, as shown at the left, but
    this time makes a glancing collision with the target ball
    C that is at rest at the edge of the table. The target ball C
    strikes the floor at point P, which is at a horizontal
    displacement of 0.15 m from the point of the collision., and
    at an angle of 300 from the + x axis, as shown at the right.

    (c) Calculate the speed v of the target ball C immediately after the collision.
    (d) Calculate the y component of the incident ball A’s momentum immediately after the collision


    View attachment app.doc

    i think i got a and b
    but for c and d i have no clue how to do it
    please just give me some tip thanks =]
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2007
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