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Homework Help: Momentum Communication Question

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    A bungee jumper jumps from a very high tower with bungee cords attached to his ankles. As he reaches the end of the bungee cord, it begins to stretch. The cord stretches for relatively long time and then it recoils pulling him back up. After several bounces he dangles unhurt from the bungee cord. If he jumped from the same point with an ordinary rope attached to his ankles he would be very severely injured.

    Use the concept of impulse to explain, in details the difference in the results of a jump using a proper bungee cord and using an ordinary rope.

    My answer so far.. Please correct me so i can get full marks :( :
    The bungee jumper using a bungee cord during his jump creates a greater force time interval due to the cords elasticity.

    This means that when the jumper jumps his momentum transfers from the initial jump to when his body and the rope recoil on one and other, but due to the great elasticity in the cord, he bounces creating more time during the collision, his time interval increases decreasing the force exerted by the cord.
    If a bungee jumper were to use a rope, he would not bounce during his collision, since the rope has little to no elasticity his time interval during collision would be extremely faster than with a bungee cord (although in ms). Therefore since the time interval has decreased, the force Value must increase.

    (I Don't know how to describe the constants properly and fit them in my answer in regards to P, T And F.)

    I would greatly appreciate some help plz :(
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