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MOMENTUM, contact time, need help

  1. Mar 13, 2005 #1
    A 50g golf ball is struck w a club. the ball leaves the face of the club w a velocity of 44m/s

    Pf = mvf = (50 x 10^-3 kg) (44 m/s) = 2.2 kg m/s

    From this I must find the contact time t = change in x /average velocity

    The change in x in the radius of the ball .05m

    The average velocity provided in the solution is 22 m/s

    I do not understand how this figure of 22 m/s was obtained from the original velocity of 44 m/s

    Help anyone
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    Where did you get the change in x is .05 m? That information wasn't given to you in the problem... is
    all you were given?
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