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Momentum forumula questions

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    i have 3 problems for homework and im stomped. i dont know if the way im solving the problem is right. im using the FT=MV forumla for all 3 problems.

    1) a football player of mass 120 kg is travelling at 20 m/s collides with another player and comes to rest in 1.5 s. what is the force of impact?

    2) a golf ball of mass 0.050 kg acqyuires a speed of 80 m/s when hit with a force of 3.0 x 10 ^3 n. how long was the club in contact with the ball

    3) what force acting for 1.36 x 10 ^-3 will change the velocity of a 95 g baseball from 50.0 m/s east to 45 m/s west?

    thanks!? but i just need confirmation on what formula to use.
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    just to clarify when you say FT=MV you do mean [tex]Ft=M\Delta V[/tex]?
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    correct i couldnt find the delta symbol
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    Yeah, using [tex]F=\frac{\Delta P}{\Delta t}[/tex] will work for all three.
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/latex_images/88/884080-0.png [Broken]

    can i use that though?
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    There isn't any difference between them, other than algebra manipulatioon. [tex]\Delta P = m \Delta v[/tex] since mv is the definition of momentum, and mass is a constant.
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