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How would I go about this problem? Any advice would be really helpful, please.
A bat strikes a 0.154 kg baseball. Just before the impact, the ball is traveling horizontally to the right at 50m/s, and it leaves the bat traveling to the left at an angle of 30 degrees about the horizontal with a speed of 65m/s. If the ball and bat are in contact for 1.75ms, find the horizontal and vertical components of the average force on the ball.

How would you include the concept of momentum in this problem, and is F=ma needed?
I could be wrong but I think you use net force = change in momentum/ change in time. F = p/t or F=mv1-mv2/t, and once you have the force you can find the x and y component.


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you SHOULD treat the x and y components separately from the start.

Sum of F = ma is a special case of p_i + (Sum of F)dt = p_f .

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