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Homework Help: Momentum in Space

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    1. A 90 kg astronaut floating out in space is carrying a 1.0 kg TV camera and a 10 kg battery pack. He's drifting toward his ship but, in order to get back faster, he hurls the camera out into space (away from the space ship) at 19 m/s and then throws the battery at 14 m/s in the same direction. What's the resulting increase in his speed after each throw?

    After throwing the camera?
    After throwing the battery?

    2. I believe this equation is used: (M1+M2)Vi=M1 V1f + M2 V2f

    3. I am having difficulty assigning values to Vi, V1f and V2f. Am I on the right track?
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    You're on the right track. You don't actually assign values to the velocities.

    What is V2f in terms of Vi?
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    I got it. Thanks.
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