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Homework Help: Momentum in Two Directions

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    So this is going to be very hard to explain without a diagram, so i will try to include one as best as i can.

    One object with mass 4 kg is traveling at 10 m/s. This object is in quadrant II of an x,y graph and is traveling toward the origin at 30 degrees above the negative x axis. The second object has mass 6 kg aand is traveling straight up the y axis. After the collision the first object (still with mass 4 kg) travels at 45 degrees below the negative x axis at a speed of 8 m/s. The object with mass 6 kg is now traveling at some angle above the positive x axis with some velocity. I have to find both the velocity and the direction this object is moving in

    This diagram shows how object 1 moves before (quadrant II) and after (Quadrant III)

    the 30 and 45 are the angles of path the object travels in relation to the negative x axis

    So object two with mass 6 kg and speed 8 m/s travels from below the x axis straight up along the y axis and impacts at the origin, then it travels diagonally right/upward into quadrant I

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Momentum in two directions.

    I think you have marked the axis wrongly. Interchange x and y letters.
    Now take the x-component two momentums before collision and after collision and equate them. Similarly take the y-components of two momentums before collision and after collision and equate If needed use the conservation of energy.Solve the equations to get the velocity of the second body.
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    Yeah, i don't know why i labeled them incorrectly....sorry about that

    and thank you very much, i think i understand now
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