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Momentum/Inertia of a bike

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    Hi everyone, happy christmas

    I am working on a project looking into the inertial feel of a bicycle. The overall aim is to calculate the inertia of a bike and rider and to consider how this inertia feel can be recreated in an exercise bike and to quantify the differences through testing. In order to do this I need to caluclate the inertia/momentum of a real bike and caluclate the inertia/momentum of a cycling ergometer. (I am not really sure what the difference is between inertia and momentum in terms of cycling and how it relates to feel)

    The thing I am unsure about is what is the inertia, (is it a quantity or is it something that a cyclist feels) and how can it be calclated? Do I need to calculate inertia and momentum for example and how do I combine them. My intial thoughts are:
    Frame and cyclist (momentum = mass x velocity)
    Rotating wheel and crank (disc) (inertia =(mass x (radius)2)/2

    The other issue is that I need to work out the inertia feel of a cycling ergoemter. Knowing that they have large mass fly wheels can I treat this as a disc and calcualte inertia in the same way and compare it to the above?

    Thanks for you help in advance, it is much appreciated

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