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Homework Help: Momentum Lab need Verification

  1. Apr 1, 2013 #1
    I have to do a lab simulation and fill out information in a chart. The lab simulates two pucks hitting with each other. It is suppose to be a momentum lab. I have filled most of the chart but am not sure if its correct. So I would like you to verify it. Plz and TY

    These are the only given variables:
    I had to record x and y positions of both pucks(circles) for first 2 frames of simulation, Mass is also given and time is 0.050s

    This is the table i am suppose to fill:

    v1x and v1y are suppose to be for circle1
    vlx' and v1y' are suppose to be for circle2
    v1 and v1y' are both resultant velocity

    p1x and p1y are x and y momentum for circle1
    p1x' and p1y' are x and y momentum for circle2

    To find velocities i simply subtracted frame 2 position from frame 1 and divide it by the time
    To find the momentum i simply multiplied x and y components to the mass

    For P Total X, can i just add both x components together?

    How can i find Total Kinetic Energy?

    Thank You
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  3. Apr 2, 2013 #2
    Looks correct.
    Momentum are vectors, so yes, just add the components to get the total - just like you would treat forces.
    Use the v1 and v1' speeds for the kinetic energy. Energy is a scalar - no need to take directions into account.
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