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Homework Help: Momentum Problem and final velocities

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    I've been hacking away at this question for a while but I'm really getting nowhere. All I know is that its supposed to be broken down into components or something. Any helps would be appreciated.


    Two balls of equal mass (m) undergo a collision. One ball is initially stationary. after the collision, the velocities of the balls make angles of 31.1 degrees and 48.9 degrees relative to the original direction of motion of the moving ball. (momentum is conserved)

    b) If the initial speed of the moving ball is 2.25 m/s what are the speeds of the balls after the collision?

    I'm pretty sure that we're searching for the final velocties. Again, any help would be great. :smile:

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    Doc Al

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    You said it yourself, momentum is conserved. So write the conservation of momentum equations for each component. Hint: choose your coordinate system so that one axis lies along the initial direction of the moving mass.
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