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Homework Help: Momentum problem help

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    11 A racing car of mass 2500 kg changes its velocity from
    220 km h–1 due south to 200 km h–1 due north in 5.0 s
    on a racing track.

    c What is the average force applied?
    d What is the impulse of this force?
    e What is the change in the momentum of the car?

    what does part c means?
    how do we find the average force applied?

    thank you
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    The average force applied is [itex] F_{average} = {\Delta p \over \Delta t} [/itex], that is, the change of momentum over the time interval over which the change of momentum took place (this is the average form of [itex] F_x = { dp_x \over dt} [/itex] for example).

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