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Momentum transfer

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    http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/476/explainimageiy6.jpg [Broken]

    The blue ball is a gear actually, with 2 racks on both its side which are attached to 2 masses each (M1 = M2).

    If momentum is made to gain in the arrangement from the side M2...it will also impart momentum to M1.

    Suppose all this happens in a body to which the whole arrangement is attached.

    And this motion is stopped by colliding M1 to this body itself.

    Will this body gain momentum (if its light)?
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    Assume the body to be heavier than M1+M2
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    Is this forum active?
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    as long as the body is not rigidly attached to the system given in the picture, it will move.
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    Same opinion with me...actually that can't happen cause momentum has been imparted...M1 and M2 cannot be rigidly attached.

    So motion has to be transferred.

    Thanks for confirming.
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