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Monatomic Hydrogen Ion Gas

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    Plain and simple, is it possible to create H+ Gas? For example, if you had H3O+ and heated it immensely, wouldn't it separate into H2O and H+? Wouldn't there then be a way to separate the H+ out?
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    Do you know what plasma is?

    Why not start with just hydrogen gas?

    You can separate some minute amounts of charged particles, that's routinely done in accelerators. However, to keep charged particles separated you need a lot of force (try to calculate how strongly would be a mole of protons attracted by a mole of electrons, if the distance between charges is1 meter; compare that to the force keeping Moon in Earth's orbit).
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    H+ gas is a collection of protons. Small quantities are not hard to get, large quantities do not work due to their mutual repulsion.

    Where would you find H3O+ as gas? No, you can just start with molecular hydrogen and ionize it, that will give some isolated protons that can be separated by electric fields.
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