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MOND and expansion of universe

  1. Jul 21, 2004 #1
    The gravitational force acting on a particle of mass m, on the
    surface of a sphere of radius 10^26 metres and with a mass of 10^52
    kg is given by
    G x10^52 m / (10^26) ^ 2

    The acceleration is given by G x10^52 / (10^26) ^ 2 = 10^ - 11 m/ s^2

    This is the magnitude of accleration at which modified newtonian dynamics
    becomes a mathematically accurate description of the velocities of stars in spiral galaxies.MOND describes a gravitational force that is stronger than
    the usual Newtonian expectation.As the universe expands beyond 10^26 metres,
    if MOND is valid as a force law,then we should expect the acceleration of the expansion of the universe at distances greater than 10^26 metres,to be slower than expected.Does anyone agree with this?
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