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MOND and Renormalization

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    I'm just curious, MOND (Modified Newtonian Dynamics) seems to have a character of field renormalization where G is a running constant. Is there something to this relationship? Does anyone know of a review article that discusses this (or at least an article that someone in condensed matter could understand)
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    I don't see anything about renormalization in there. Plus the article seems kinda unprofessional. There are some statements in there that are either fishy or misleading. Regardless I don't see where I'm supposed to be looking.
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    OK, in this case you have to wait for a specialist in MOND that, by chance, will find your question. It will take some time.
    Your question is either vague or too professional, so most of the people do not understand what you really want.
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    Um.. ok.. so you come to a thread about MOND and QFT and don't know MOND or QFT and decide to simply plop down wikipedia and hope for the best? Can't quite say I see the point. Anyway, I appreciate the time taken but someone who knows QFT will know what I'm talking about.
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    I bet the most satisfactory answer you will ever get on this forum will be that page from Wikipedia, I mentioned.
    You will be less satisfied with other answers.
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    I wonder if this question would get more attention in the 'beyond the standard model' subforum ?
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