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Monday Morning Test

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    missed the Ark question
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    I got the legal in California answer wrong even though I got the joke. I don't agree that something which is impossible is illegal. For something to be illegal, there has to be a law against it. I doubt that such a law exists.
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    11/11 Gee, me and two other people got this.

    It would be illegal for her to be a widow if you were still alive.
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    That's irrelevant and immaterial - Ham Burger.
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    I think generally you have to establish that both parties are mutually consenting in order to marry, and you can't establish the consent of a dead person. Although, hmmm... it strikes me as not impossible that they might perform posthumous marriages for things like soldiers who died in battle. So... maybe?

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    Could have made this stipulation before his demise ? Think it would hold up ?
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    Yeah, I'm not sure-- I can imagine it being iffy. There might be disputes in those cases where a potential "wife" would by default be able to lay claim to the deceased's value (property, money, etc). I can easily imagine that this has come up before and that there's some sort of legal precedent that's been established. I'm just too lazy to go verify it.

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