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Money for nothing.

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    I'm living the life of a rock star. I used to work in Japan and got vested in a small pension that just started paying out. At the current exchange rate, I receive about $2300 a year. Since I have been paying Social Security for more than 30 years, this will not diminish my govt pension. When I was there, I met and married my wife, so I got the 'women for free' part down too. If you can call handing over all my pay 'free'.
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    Have you ever installed microwave oven?
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    No, but I drank a beer.
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    Good job, I'd hate to see anyone end up in Dire Straits.
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    You win the internet!
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    A man don't get (marry or date) no woman for free. She comes with a hefty price tag. She's a woman after all. Let's see, what are all the things you have to pay when you have a woman? I don't mean just money things, I mean . . . other things too.
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