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In summary, the individual is experiencing problems with their monitor not receiving a video signal when their computer is turned on. They have found a temporary solution by connecting the monitor to the motherboard's video port but are looking for a more permanent fix. They suspect that their graphics card may be malfunctioning and have received advice to reset the BIOS and clean the video card and motherboard.
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I have this problem cropping up lately, whenever i start/power on my PC, everything seems to work, but not the monitor the led just blinks with no video signal no error no beep. But it starts working when i connect it to the Motherboard's video port, but then again when i restart it would go through same problem: evthg/cpu/fan working but then my monitor is blank with LED blinking. Again when i connect monitor to the Graphics card, it will work, some kind of periodic thing but i am too tired to keep changing the ports...

I am using Graphics Card, despite this I am now able to connect my monitor through motherboards video port which was not possible previously when there was no such problem

Help is highly appreciated

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It sounds like the video card is dying, if not dead. I have a computer currently that has stripes of color about an inch wide streaming down the monitor. I think that I will have the same problem as you shortly.
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try this
reset your BIOS by removing the MB battery and shorting the appropriate jumber
then clean your vedio card and MB from dust

What is a monitor and how does it work?

A monitor is a display device that is used to view images or data from a computer. It works by receiving signals from the computer's graphics card and converting them into visual images on the screen.

Why is my monitor displaying a blank screen?

There could be several reasons for a blank screen on your monitor. It could be due to a loose connection, a faulty graphics card, or a problem with the monitor itself. Try checking the cables and connections first, and if the issue persists, consult a technician.

How do I adjust the brightness and contrast on my monitor?

The brightness and contrast settings can usually be adjusted using the buttons on your monitor. Look for buttons labeled "Brightness" or "Contrast" and use them to adjust the levels to your desired preference.

What is the recommended screen resolution for my monitor?

The recommended screen resolution for your monitor depends on the size and type of display. Generally, a resolution of 1920x1080 is considered standard for most monitors and provides a good balance between image quality and performance.

How do I fix dead pixels on my monitor?

Dead pixels are small black spots on the screen that are caused by malfunctioning pixels. Unfortunately, they cannot be fixed and may require replacing the entire screen. If your monitor is still under warranty, you may be able to get it replaced by the manufacturer.

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