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Monitor refresh rates

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    I have a viewsonic E771 and was wondering what the max refresh rate on in would be. I looked up the specs and it says

    Fh:30-70kHz, Fv:50-120Hz

    My question is what does Fh and Fv mean?

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    h: horizontal
    v: vertical
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    Answered my own question:

    Horizontal frequency and Vertical frequency.

    But does this mean i can set the refresh to 120Hz and everything will be cool?

    Edit: Sorry, i researched a little, posted it and went to look some more while people got back to me and i answered myself in the mean time. :blushing:
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    Yeah - it should be fine - if anything goess wrong just press F8 while loading for windows then go to Safe Mode.
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    120Hertz would be fantastic: as long as your video card can handle it.
    The human eye usually starts noticing flickering around 60 hertz but higher is usually better. Sometimes you can still see the flickering in the corner of your eye at higher levels. If your monitor is a flat-panel it should go to 120 hertz. If it's a CRT monitor the max will probably be around 80-100. Go to Control Panel - device manager- and monitor properties to change it.
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    Refresh rate as a non-issue in regards to LCD monitors

    • I have not read of any LCD monitors that can refresh faster than 60Hz.

    • Flicker is not an issue with LCD monitors since LCD monitors do not use phosphors.
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    Me too never seen a TFT / LCD at that refresh rate, perhaps the top of the range ones may do but they are typically in the 70-80 refresh rate
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