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Monoatomic platinum family element properties?

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    I have recently read that the platinum family transition elements (copper, gold, iridium, etc) have unusual properties when reduced to the monoatomic state. Basically, high spin leading to nucleonic deformity causing an extension of the shielding potential over the electron shells (valence included) making these elements room temperature superconductors. I have heard of high spin superdeformity discovered experimentally, but the rest... hmmmm.
    Are these properties based in REAL physics, or are they just bad music (K-rap)?
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    I looked up some stuff on this. The only thing I could find was stuff by David Hudson, who seems to be some sort of a con man. There are websites selling powders claiming to be these ORMES or monotomic elements as a way to "ascend" or transcend to a higher consciousness or some crap like this.
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    There seems to be very little academic, peer reviewed studies surrounding the subject of monoatomic PGE's.

    The most comprehensive site I've come across is: www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/whatisit.htm.[/URL]

    The owner of the site, Barry Carter, is taking a very open minded approach to the subject by trying to include as many diverse view points as posibble within the discourse.

    I believe his take on it is to throw everthing up in the air and see where it lands, possibly a good position to take considering breadth of alleged capabilities related to the substance.

    One thing is for sure, the interest in the subject is going to go through the roof after the film is released: [url]http://www.livingelementpictures.com/best.htm[/url]
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    There is NONE, because it's K-rap, as Abatar said.
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    And the world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth.......

    If you look at the history of science you will see that every
    creative soul has been:

    1. Discredited
    2. Agreesively attacked
    3. Eventually, their ideas are adopted as though they were obvious for all of eternity.

    I would suggest that anyone interested in really pushing the envelope and at least trying to formulate an 'unifed theory of everything' needs to be open minded.

    I would also suggest that the reason that no academic papers are available is that no-one wants to stand up and be counted, AND more importantly people are finding 'anomalies' in their research that would be aggressively attacked by the traditionalists.

    I use my signature to demonstrate my view:
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    Thanks eli, I checked out that website. Some of the science references were good. I also read up on the Hudson stuff... too much metaphysical mumbo jumbo, but it did hit on the one thing that interested me on the subject, to wit:

    I have always thought that superconductivity could occur regardless of external temperature if the internal temp of the atoms themselves could be lowered to near zero Kelvin.

    If the superdeformed state of high spin monoatomics causes a decrease in internal temp, there may be something to it.

    But, alas, as you've pointed out, there isn't much science on monoatomics. Maybe if we can pry it away from the "crystal wavers," someone will take a serious look at it.
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    I think it is case of picking up the baton and trying some experiments.

    You say:

    If the superdeformed state of high spin monoatomics causes a decrease in internal temp, there may be something to it.

    How would you prove it so and how feasible is the experiment?

    As you say there is alot of mumbo jumbo, however it would be interesting to contact some of the chemists that worked with Hudson's substances in labs all through the 80's and early 90's, where did their research lead, what were their findings?
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    The mumbo jumbo I was referring to was the claims of unparalleled health, longevity, and telepathic abilities from ingesting their product.

    Actually testing the "ormes" to see what type of properties they have would be an option. If they did have superconductive properties, that would open an entire array of possibilities.

    From what I've read on the Hudson sites, the chemists determined what elements were involved, but not much on the properties. I'll have to look again for names or companies.

    It would be interesting to find out more!
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    While new ideas are usually met with opposition it is not true that every "creative soul" is accepted in the end. All kinds of crackpot ideas are heaped up on the waysides of history because they proved to be baloney.

    It is not good reasoning to conclude that because something is met with opposition it must be right. This is a favorite argument of the crackpot inventors of "free energy" machines. Just because Galileo was suppressed doesn't make their "machines" any more viable.
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