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Monophase AC Motor

  1. Apr 24, 2017 #1
    Hey, everyone,

    I got this motor from my fan, Im trying to run it but there are a few more wires that I was expecting. Can someone please give me some light? What are all those wires and how to make ir run.

    PS: 3 speeds fan w/ digital logic on the top (taken off) IMG_9966.JPG
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    Hi Phellippe,

    How much experience do you have working with AC Mains powered devices and motors? What are you hoping to do with this motor?
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    Hey, Thanks for your reply.
    I dont have any experience with motors, I just have an idea about how it works, ive already done Electrical Machinery 1 and 2.
    But I really dont know how to make it start from speed 0. I opened the stator and I guess its an monophase induction motor because the rotor looks like a squirrel cage rotor.
    What im planing to do? Im not sure yet, first i need to see it working to check how powerful it is
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    Hi Phellippe,

    Is it possible to hook the motor back up to its original controller? Set it on high speed and it will develop all the torque it's capable of (not much). Then you can tell if it will have enough for whatever projects you have in mind. But if you can't hook it back up to the controller, post a reply and I'll try to figure something else out. Most of those motors like that are pretty similar and I'm familiar with them.
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    In general, we don't like inexperienced folks working with AC Mains projects. I need to close this thread, sorry. Perhaps @Jack of some trades can help you via PMs.
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