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Monotonic partitioning

  1. May 5, 2004 #1
    Hi, this is going to sound totally and completely out there to be asking you guys, but im lost on if i have the correct grasp of this. HMP is confusing me, and i realize that it is not the most commonly used thing but i would like to grasp it at least. If anyone could explain it better to me please help.
    The monotonic partitioning gets me horribly too and im not sure what exactly makes the equations monotonic. im assuming what they ment by the partitioning within is in a case like this, excuse if this example makes no sense. I cant make the signs with my computer. cl(a) = {(a,2a) : x subset R} cl(a) = cl(R)

    is the (a,2a) the partitioning within?
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