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Medical Monovision and 3d movies

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    we want to see avatar 3d, but my mom has monovision. will the 3d not work for her?
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    The 3D will not work for her but if she wears the glasses she could watch it with you. The 3D movies project two slightly different views at one time, one for each eye. The glasses filter one of the views to the right eye and one to the left, which cleans up the messy looking screen and allows 3D perception when a person does have the ability to see 3D. A person with true monovision would see the one view in the eye that they normally see with, the other view would not be available, similiar to the real world. So if the primary purpose is to see the movie together, then just wear the glasses. Good Luck.

    Note: The non-stereo version of the movie may have been cut slightly differently by the editors and may be easier for a non-stereo vision viewer. There is also the possibility of some ghosting if the filtering is not perfect...even though the filtering of the polarized glasses is quite good. Check the movie website, they may have more information.
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