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Monsieurs et Mademoiselles

  1. Oct 1, 2004 #1
    I couldn't visit this page http://www.kddi.com/
    What happens ? Would you please help me out ??
    I would like to know why and how can I have it fixed.
    I can't sleep if I have no answers. Please help...
    Tell me, please do not be selfish to me...okay ?

    Thank you
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    Thank you dduardo, I think this problem used to happen with this computer of mine long ago, the only answer I could get at the time was "I....don't....know...." and now if my calculation is not incorrect, it has been one year and 3 months, but why does the guy who told me once about this didn't come out to give me a perfect (if possible) or at least understandable answer which I am really wishing to find out ? I wasn't trying to test his knowledge or anything at all.
    I try to click the link you give me above...but I still get "Page error, couldn't display the page", I guess I should call my technical support for further help...:rolleyes:
    Again, thanks dduardo a lot, you seem to always try to help members a lot...Nice you are!
    -Me! -Motifs
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