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Monster legend is alive and well in South County [San Diego]

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20030824-9999_1m24monster.html [Broken]

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    The Proctor Valley Monster is not
    the only such critter hereabouts.

    Go to this link and read about
    another, who, for reasons that
    should become obvious, is near
    and dear to me:

    BFRO Report 2782: An Interview with a San Diego Sheriff's Sergeant Regarding a Series of Incidents after the Laguna Fire of 1970

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks oh shoe of the Zooby. I have some relatives in law enforcement in the San Diego area. They will also enjoy this article.
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    There's another story too, about
    the monster of Dead Man's Hole
    which is an old watering hole for
    Stagecoaches in East San Dego

    I was surprised to learn there was
    so much Bigfoot activity here
    because it is the opposite of the
    classic Bigfoot environment.

    Here, too, the Native Americans
    have their Bigfoot lore.
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