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News Monsters from outer space

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was especially struck by this
    I remember listening to one of the astronauts who went to the moon...I think Armstrong...who years later commented on this. After his lunar trip and while still in biological isolation, one day he looked down and saw that ants were crossing the isolation barrier through a small crack in the concrete. He was laughing about this but also emphasizing the need for extreme caution wrt potential threats like this. Mistakes happen. If moonbugs could have killed everyone on earth, they might have. A sobering thought, I thought. :biggrin:
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    Life from other planets? The scientific possibilities for this are so enormous I think it's worth the risk.
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    Until the martian cousin of smallpox that wiped out intelligent life on that planet arrives here!!! :cry: :uhh: :surprised

    That said, the idea of exterrestrial life thrills me. Just imagine how different life would be having evolved in such a different environment. They worry about bacteria, but the truth is there could be hazardous life formswe can't even imagine.

    So exciting.

    And don't forget SpaceShipOne!! Commercial spaceflight is possible!
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