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Monte Carlo knows your future!

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    Future is not unpredictable. The day is not far away when human brain will be predicted with the use of Monte Carlo Simulation.
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    This sounds similar to the promise of a second coming...
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    Welcome to the forums Moetasim.

    In a broad sense, that is probably correct.

    It is worth mentioning, though, that such prediction will not refer to single decisions of one individual, but statistical properties of brains in general.
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    I just don't get it...

    How can the future be predicted by something that can mimic the brain?
    Do not we have plenty of the 'real things' in existence already, and what has been their track record of predicting the future?
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    So what, the brain can already be predicted in countless ways. What's your point?
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    Its the human behaviour not brain that can be predicted in several different ways!
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    Ok then, perhaps the title of this thread was poorly named. I had the notion you were putting forth the assertion that some kind of computerized version of 'Miss Cleo' was going to predict the future of mankind, haha.
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    Sorry, but your brainwaves, release of hormones, etc. can be accurately predicted in a huge number of ways. Recently the mammalian brain was finally mapped out roughly and other fundamental aspects of how brains function have been discovered. For example, the brain works on the same basic principle of an FM transceiver using oscilators to compare incoming and outgoing nerve signals against. This provides faster response time and greater accuracy.

    What remains poorly understood is how neural networks work. In their case, it is a question of requiring advanced mathematics that don't exist yet, but are rapidly being developed.
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