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Monte-Carlo simulation Coulomb potential scattering

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    Dear all,

    I just started learning about the Monte-Carlo methods of simulating particle interactions. I would like to ask a question about simulating potential scattering. In particular I think that the simulating scattering by Coulomb potential, and writing a corresponding MC test program might be a good start to understand the ideas.

    Is it possible to use Markov chains in order to simulate the above described problem? Let’s say define the potential and use the configuration part of the partition function in order to decide the motion of the particle.

    The other possibility I can think of is to write down the differential equation, based on the interaction Lagrangian. After this is done one can use Monte Carlo in order to simulate the differential equation. We result in an ODE, which is easy to simulate with Monte Carlo, given some boundary conditions.

    I would be very grateful if someone can give me ideas how simulate the scattering form Coulomb potential.

    Thank you in advance

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