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Monuments of atomic structures

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    i was given this task - find at least 2 cities which have a monument of atomic structure and give the name of the element of which the structure is. :confused:

    for example, there's an atomic structure of iron in Brussels named Atomium
    the bottom of the page, pic in here - http://www.highrise.dircon.co.uk/deptlads/brussels/atomium.jpg

    if anyone knows any more cities with monuments of this kind in them i'd appreciate it :shy: :smile:
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    DNA sculpture


    This is a double helix bridge that recalls the DNA structure in Seattle Washington. There are quite a few DNA or double helix structures.

    Another possibility is the third form of carbon called Buckminster fullerine Chemical formula C60 (where the 60 is a subscript). Actually, the building idea came before the discovery of this atomic structure which resembles the many geodesic domes that Buckminster Fuller designed. There are many examples of geodesic domes including Epcot center in Orlando, Florida.

    Here's a website of the buildings: http://www.bfi.org/domes/ [Broken]
    and a specific example in St. Louis, Missouri, the Climatron:
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