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Mood-altering crystals

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    What about the claim that crystals can heal or change moods? Total B.S?
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    Re: Can someone explain why this works?

    no not total BS. i'm sure some people will react subjectively. i'd say very close to total bs :)
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    Re: Can someone explain why this works?

    Almost absolute rubbish. Regarding healing: no it does not work. Regarding changing moods: well an advocate of crystals would probably be quite happy to get one for Christmas, personally I would be pretty annoyed so there's some mood changes right there but it's totally down to how the person views crystals and not though some magic woo.
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    Re: Can someone explain why this works?

    As far as "change moods" they function in much the same way as a little water foutain, or a USB-powered yapping dog toy, or pretty much anything else. If seeing a crystal changes your moods, then crystals have the power to change your mood.

    For me, LOLCats have more mood changing properties than crystals.

    Perhaps other individuals experience it in some other way. We have a sample size of one. I would bet that I wouldn't feel anything at all, and someone else might feel a cooling sensation. Maybe you feel whatever you most associate with "healing." Perhaps, in this case, the mark is most used to "heating pads" as a healing method as opposed to "ice packs."

    Just an idea.
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    Crystals are actually bad for you. Derren Brown demonstrates the weakening effect of crystals:

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    Re: Can someone explain why this works?

    I guess this got split off from the other thread.

    What I understood her to be saying is that she, and everyone she's done this too, has no idea there is a crystal wand involved, and have no idea what she's doing while they have their eyes closed. If, in fact, they see the wand before she asks them to close their eyes and put out their hand, then the power of suggestion is kind of a no-brainer, obvious explanation.
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    Depends on the crystal. The crystalline form of a mood-altering drug taken orally would alter mood. Dangling a bit of quartz from a mirror, well, that depends on how easily you're cheered by shiny, dangly things. I've seen many women's moods improve exponentially by the mere presentation of a diamond. :wink:
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    Re: Can someone explain why this works?

    Crystals absolutely 100% can change moods. Just go to a jewelry store with your significant other. Then notice the mood change when you get near the crystallized carbon.
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