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Mood Rings

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    I don't really know where this thread belongs. I trust the mentor to move it, if necessary.

    How do mood rings work? How accurate are they?

    As always, any and all relevant information is appreciated.
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    They're typically just liquid crystals, which change color based on temperature. The idea is that the bloodflow to your skin varies with your mental state, and the temperature changes accordingly. I assume warm = happy.

    - Warren
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    Hehe, I remember a couple of years ago I got excited on a school trip and bought like three. As Chroot said, they're based on tempreture, and thus, they arn't very accurate. Since everyone has varrying outer body tempretures, they'll differ depending on the people they're on.

    However, they are quite good at telling when I'm angry. I remember erupting, and my ring turned solid (angry color, I can't remember what it was).
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    just a fun little object meant to give conversation and wonder. my 8 year old loves wearing them.
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    I used to have one of them as a kid. I think everyone had one as a kid, didn't they? Anyway, yep, they work on body temperature. Apparently I'm always very calm (perpetually cold fingers).
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    I remember the global 'hyper colour' t-shirts no t so long ago, i guess they wotked on the same chemical principles very cool :)
  8. Dec 1, 2009 #7
    they used to be more accurate when they were made of mercury iodine but they stopped using mercury in a lot of products when they realized it was hazardous for people... they aren't accurate, they rely off the heat index of the person, but as you know, the average person, in whatever state of frenzy, whether it be happiness, anger, or sadness, stays the average temperature. They are destroyed by water or even sweaty palms so theres no way for it to possibly dictate how you're feeling. its just a cute accessory that you amuse yourself with trying to find "what mood you're in" most of mine always broke before it lasted a week :-p

    word of knowledge, do not wear into the shower... they turn black and stay black or a mixture of funky colors.
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    When I was a kid I thought mood rings were for girls. So I wasn't into that. I was into slap bracelets.
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    Reminds me of a story I heard;
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Next up:

    How do lava lamps work?
    Did polyester leisure suits ever really exist?
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