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Medical Mood warts

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    Sometime in 1966 I lit a cigarette and the head of the match flipped off the stem and landed on my 'up your's finger' between the last two joints. Eventually it healed, but a wart grew in that place.

    It actually became quite a nuisance as it caught on my pants every time I put my hand in my pocket - and it developed friends and brothers - by the time I finished university I had quite a few warts on my hands and they were spreading.

    I used all the usual prescriptions to get rid of them - one advestisment amused me with its' initial line: "Tortured for years by two corns and a wart!" :rofl: None of them worked. I had it irradiated - but that did not seem to effect the little suckers.

    About that time I underwent a life change - one wife and I divorced and I married again, we had a child. As this was going on - the warts began to leave .... one by one ... finally the grandaddy wart just fell out.

    I, to this day, have no clue why this happened ... did it have to do with the commercial remidies I used? Did the radiation treatment finally work? (It was about a year after I got zapped.) or did it have something to do with my life condition? I certainly was in a bad condition before the divorce and that changed radically after - resulting in the lifting of a constant depression. Is there a possibility something I did not realize was happening - like a diet change?

    Are warts or attacks of wart governed by psychological states? By moods? By outlook? This all happened years ago, but I have always wondered ....
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    I had a wart on the bottom of my foot for years, nothing worked to get rid of it over the counter or by a doctor, although I guess I probably could have got it cut out. One day I realized I hadn't felt it in a while, looked on my foot and it was gone. No answer lol.
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    It sounds like zoobyshoe, Huckleberry (in the link) and I all had the same experience. While I have not the termidity to contemplate cancer .... those afflicted with some kind of Herpes sound close.
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    No, I never had a wart go away by itself.

    Also: they are caused by the papilloma virus, not the herpes virus. Ramachandran says, "A wart is essentially a tumor (a benign cancer) produced by the papilloma virus."
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    hmm, i wonder if that means the duct tape cure is a kind of placebo/hypnotic therapy, or if hypnosis does what they speculated duct tape does: activate an immune response? given the OP's life change scenario, i would lean a bit in the direction of thinking less life stress translates into a healthier immune response.
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