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Moon in Orbit

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    Q.Suppose the moon were held in its orbit not by gravity but by the tension in a massless cable. You are given that the period of the moon's orbit is T = 27.3 days, the mean distance from the earth to the moon is R = 3.85 x 108 m, and the mass of the moon is M = 7.35 x 1022 kg.
    What would the tension in the cable be?

    'T' in Newtons.

    My idea:

    T = Ma
    mass of the moon is given to us.

    a = v^2 /R

    To find v , we can v = 2 pi /T

    Radius is also given to us.

    We can convert the 27.3 days to seconds, by 23.7 * 24 hours * 3600 seconds.

    Well is my approach correct.
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    Hi Naeem,

    this looks purfect to me.
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