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Moon Landing Conspiracy

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    First- I definitely believe we landed on the moon. But is there any real evidence? Pictures, rocks, and huge, expensive shuttles aren't conclusive evidence, are they?
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    Go to badastronomy.com. Also- Google is your friend.

    I don't think it's worth discussing this stuff here.
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    Yes they are. You can see and hold the lunar soil samples that were returned. That is tangible physical evidence that we went there. You can watch the video that was taken while people were on the moon. You can even go back to the moon and find the hardware that we left there in the 60's and 70's. You can watch the interviews from people who went there.

    Denying the moon landings is a bit like denying that WW2 took place.
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    Welcome to PF.

    I hate to be rude to a new member, but what would you consider "real evidence?" That's a rhetorical question. I, for example, consider video taken on the surface of the moon and rocks brought back from it to be "real evidence". Saying that these things aren't (and coming here and asking the question), to me, implies a lack of critical thinkinging and a willingness to believe the conspiracy theories. Please, please re-evaluate your critical thinking process. You don't want to fall into that way of thinking. It is self-destructive.

    Anyway, we don't entertain conspiracy theories here. And this one is a pretty dumb one.
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