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Moon Landing

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    I have 2 close friends who believe we've never been to the moon. I've tried explaining to them why the flag moved, why there is no need to go back, etc, and it falls on deaf ears.

    This morning i saw this video by nasa [ http://ca.news.yahoo.com/see-earths-moon-evolved-nasa-videos-140012773.html ] and it motivated me to make my two friends understand once and fore all.

    Aside from what you can find on google, do you PF'ers have a few in your face facts or outright proof that I could tell these two?

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    2012: ... aked ...aked ...aked ...aked ...

    Ok, I couldn't help it, it was too tempting.

    As I feel guilty for not contributing anything, here are some links with further links:
    Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
    That Mythbusters episode (it's true! I saw it on TV!)
    The three antennas receiving the signal from the Apollo spacecraft (one in California, one in Spain, one in Australia - so the conspiracy is international)
    ... and more ... (Google)
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    As Penguiny said above, your two friends are unlikely to believe any proof that you can get. Actually, I would point this out to them and ask them what proof they would accept. If it's something unreasonable, or if they wont accept any proof, then just tell them that if they wont accept any reasonable proof then maybe they should go to the moon themselves.

    Honestly it's not an argument you can win. Someone who doesn't believe what you are saying or the evidence you present will almost never concede.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    When you re-read the Rules link at the top of the page, you will notice that Moon Landing Conspiracies are on the Banned Topics list. Thread closed.

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