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Moon movie, imdb goofs

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    Anyone around here with imdb account? I thought I would not create an account merely for this one thing, so instead I came complaining here to physicsforums (because I have account here already! :tongue:) Anyway, somebody should put some comments to the moon goofs feedback.


    I guess that means this scene:

    http://cdn-www.mania.com/content_pics/000005/41/50/8c62e6c1c9dfa1a3_large.jpg [Broken]

    Looks like invalid claim IMO. The guy who decided that that's a goof had probably seen pictures like this


    and then decided that the "earth looks too big". Didn't realize that the apparent sizes of the object on the sky depend on the distance between camera and the foreground objects. For example, consider these pictures of the sun:

    http://www.aventuraspanama.com/holding the sun.jpg


    I don't see anything nonrealistic in the moon movie screenshot (except perhaps the stars, but who knows what exposure capabilities future's cameras may have...)

    Interesting also, that the goofs don't yet include anything about the earth strong gravity inside the lunar base. The gravity seemed to be smaller than on earth only outside the base.

    A remarkably improbable coincidence that the cloud patterns on that day in the future look just like they where during the Apollo 17 mission when this photo was taken!

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17.jpg :biggrin:
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    Write your rebuttal and I'll post it for you on IMDB. :tongue:
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