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Moral obligation ?

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    I grew up being told by the Pundants that nuclear power was "mankinds' panacea". We now know that it's a 'Pandoras'

    Box'(a colloquialism refuting the idea of 'secrets') .We, people like us, have a moral obligation to use our 'gray matter' in

    the pursuit of designing the final interface for Human expression.
    When we entertain ideas of 'ENERGY' I believe a universal specification should be established to describe the 'ideal'

    personal energy interface. For example I would be interested in this forums' participants Ideas regarding that 'ideal'.

    I'll kick this off by listing my concept of what attributes would be ideal:

    1.The 'potential energy source be ubiquitous
    2.The 'transformer' will last 'forever?'
    3.The 'source' and 'transformer' are environmentally benign
    4.Every Human can have access in accordance with Societal needs
    a.(this represents the economic recuperation aspect of a universal
    energy transformer)

    It seems to me that as we embrace the idea of ENERGY we embrace PHILOSOPHY and toward that end we end up in the

    pursuit of elegance, which I believe is zero or infinity.

    Thanks for the soap box

    frank MR. P
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    You use expressions that you appear to have manufactured yourself.

    ...We now know that it's a 'Pandoras' Box'(a colloquialism refuting the idea of 'secrets')...
    ...the final interface for Human expression...
    ...'ideal' personal energy interface...
    ...the pursuit of elegance, which I believe is zero or infinity...

    I suggest exposing yourself to more information on the topic, so that you using the same language as those you wish to communicate with.
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    Thanks for the reply. Too, general to be of help to me,though. I'm not suggesting that I'm a maschosist so,have at it!

    I don't have any other way of expression, however, that was my purpose for joining.....enlightenment.....I'll listen...if you could be more specific,you know, in my fifty years of existenance I discovered that 'help' can come from anywhere, even a forum.. My interest is Hydrogen and it's integration into our society specifically and integration globally. Really, nothing more nothing less. If you percieved this to be an ego trip what good would that be without the personna that I would be appealing to? Anyway, thanks for the tip.
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    I guess what I mean is more that you're using 'shorthand'. It sounds like you've given a lot of thought to this but in the interest of brevity you've excluded the thoughts that led up to the shorthand. eg. the phrase 'the final interface for Human expression' sounds like it has some history behind it, but doubt anyone knows what you mean by it.

    A way of opening dialogue is to formulate a specific question that can be answered by an interested reader which forms the basis of a discussion (such as 'what barriers are there to the hydrogen economy?' or 'how long do you think it will take for mainstream penetration?'). Asking for general input on a subject without a well-defined agenda is going to net you little response in most circles.

    BTW, I know next to nothing about the topic, only what I get in the media, so I'm not any practical help there.
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    Thank you Dave! That is perhaps the most help I have recieved since I returned to the net.
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    Maybe the crew that resides here is a little younger than I am and I was taking it for granted that there was more history involved.
    Is there a way to stop the inquiry and rephrase the question?
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    Tell me how this is different from a perpetual motion machine.
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