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Moral views

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    What do people mean when they say they are arguing from a moral point of view? Are moral views there, existing but consealed in our brain? do we have an inner idea of what ethical view like justics is suppose to be? For myself, i think judging each person in his or her own term is a ethical moral view. I really want to belief that, but i can` t help myself that i do judge people on apparence. i am shallow. i know that the most beautiful girls in my school are attracted to me, not because she knows my character, but because i am goddamn good looking.:cool: It is my apparence that women sees, and by other peoples apparence that i judge. One time in a book store, i saw this woman that is very sick, because i can see this stuff all over her body and face. my initial reaction was disgust at this woman, and try to get away from her. From a evolutionary point of view, i can completely understand my behavior of avoidence, yet, from a ethical point of view, i should t. well, later after that event, i felt really bad. i felt less about violating an ethical conviction, but because i am not in complete control my feeling of disgust and avoidence. i felt i was defeat by my own biology that seek avoidence. What happen to the understanding from my part to that woman...? What is my point? i think people have some basic universal ethical views, and that those ethical views are really absurd, because we very rearly use it. People lie, cheat everyday, and these same people can distinquish something morally right, v.s morally wrong. They are capable of being move by acts of kindness. In some cases, they twisted and turn their moral views to make it more coherent with there actions. Ethical views are constantly in conflict with the necessity of daily existence and human conditions. I believe there is not a single person that is completely justics and ethical( whatever those words mean ). Yet i can t imagine a world with out ethical veiws. Some type of universal ideas of justics, equality. We live in a dog eat dog world. There is no reason why universal moral values matter at all, but yet it does matter. In come ways, these ethical views we so belief in like equality, and justics are absurd, yet necessary. Humans is a absurd animal that has ethical ideals that are meaningless, but necessary.
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    How is avoiding some sick old hag who is probably going to have a heart attack as he leaves the book store and die in terrible terrible pain immoral? How is being attracted to white chicks more then black racist?

    It isn't.

    There are no universal moral values.

    However there are widespread/mainstream moral views and these work to benefit a society in a way that the society is a fluid working body. A breakdown of morals will destroy that society.

    (Btw please paragraph your posts)
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    Morals/ethics is all about "what we ought to do" in particular circumstances. But just because we may think we ought to act in one particular way it does not follow that we will act in that way. Ethical ideals are not meaningless, but we often have to balance our selfish desires against our ethical beliefs.

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    There is a distinction between morals and ethics, for while there are different moral codes, ethics refers to an applied moral system. It is like the distinction between science and technology: there are different branches of scientific discipline, but technology refers to applied science; and, not to put too fine a point on it, it is a distinction that makes a difference.
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    The difference between science/technology and morals/ethics is that both modern science and modern technology arose among just a handful of elite practitioners in northwest Europe four hundred years ago, but have spread around the world and throughout all this extension have remained one thing; neither string physics not civil engineering differs anywhere on the globe. But morals and ethics remain radically cultural to this very day.
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    Morals are too ephemeral to be of much use. Happily, we have the law to rely upon.
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    Thankfully, we make many daily decisions in our lives based on our moral values, rather than because we are obligated by legislation. If this means that morals are not of much use then long may it continue this way :biggrin:

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