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Morality and Perspectives

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    I'm curious what people use to deal with people they disagree with. When debating certain topics I find myself disagreeing with certain individuals. Lighter issues are often resolved, but some issues are not.

    When you run into an issue you feel strongly on, and someone disagrees strongly. What do you do to deal with the situation? Leave, Debate further ect?

    Personally I find some moral debates have a correct answer. People say morals are all theory, which they may be. But I just don't "get" the whole logic behind the statement "everything is perspective." I think certain moral issues can be solved logically and with common sense and wise tactics such as "stepping into the other persons shoes." In reality, this is not the common belief. According to many, morals are simply perspective.

    I feel I have somewhat of a moral superiority to the average person. This is probably because I'm generally more mature than people of my age, which doesn't say much, but regardless, it's something I'm trying to deal with in a manner that it becomes discreet.

    Anyway, when you have a moral stance and the issues seems black and white to you, how do you handle the situation when people still disagree. I've participated in certain debates for long periods of time and logically explained myself and they don't seem to shift their perspective. What do you do from there?

    ~I'd appreciate it if no derogatory remarks were sent my way. Ironically, the topic itself may seem foolish to you as other issues seem foolish to me. I'm simply trying to find out how to deal with strong disagreements in a productive manner and how to improve my level of wisdom.
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    I try to stare them down personally with a gaze that says "what does this ____ think they are trying to sell me now" and use a variety of intimidation tactics such as yelling or cast the spell of loud voice and large arm movements works wonders, and as a last resort physical threats or breaking inanimate objects, sometimes I can get so angry my eyes bleed and that works well too. Other times though it's better just to suggest your way, who really cares if you win or lose a debate if we are all losers from the start and winning suggests the end to trying to learn more, there is always something more to learn from even the most mundane and ordinary things if you look closely enough and usually it seems conflict sustains itself due to ignorance on everyone's part, or at least my own part.
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    Patience, understanding, electroshock treatments :surprise:
    Okay, seriously, it takes wisdom, work, and work.
    I think everything is perspective- fundamentally. People don't have to make sense or be logical or consistent. But people can unknowingly break the rules they intend or want to follow- and this is when the work begins :)
    When you feel like you have exhausted yourself, ask what the agreement is worth. I won't speak for others, but you cannot make me agree with you. You cannot make me :tongue2: Sometimes you're helping and sometimes you're banging your head against a wall.
    Happy thoughts
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    i always try to remember that my answer or view is only for me. they are based on my beliefs and ideals.

    another person is obliged to do the same or risk losing himself. as long as we are discussing and debating whereby we examine these beliefs, etc I will continue. once a line has been drawn in the sand, I withdraw. anyone that is very devout about any of their beliefs usually doesn't want to change or hear conflicting ideas, best to leave them alone.

    problem is, his beliefs and ideals are correct and best for him. only s/he can change them. all we can do is offer our view and reasons, then stand back.

    there are no greater or lesser ideas, beliefs, morals or souls. they are all equal and necessary at the time they are embraced.

    love and peace,
    olde drunk
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    Dooga, I share a lot of your sentiments. Something I've learned is just to expect people to not be rational, and also to realize that the other person probably thinks the same way about you. You just have to let things go sometimes. Emotional attachment to your arguments can be dangerous. You have to learn to have a workable level of attachment.
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    Find a really dull brick wall and start slamming your head into it. It never fails.

    As for me, i recognize that as long as my morality is based any assumption no matter how insignificant, i cannot dictate it as fact to others. its not an issue of eprspective, its an issue of the inability to prove that my morality is superior to theirs.
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