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Morality: Behaviors that Facilitate Reproductive Success

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    In the book "Evolutionary Origins of Morality," the leading authorities discuss how morality, altruism, ethics, and human behavioral traits evolved from the environment of our evolutionary past when we were small bands of people cooperating in groups no larger than 150 people. We are behaviorally equipped not to get along in large groups that naturally compete for resources, and this book shows how it all came about. See the following link for a review of the book: http://home.comcast.net/~neoeugenics/Shatter1.pdf Scroll down to chapter 5 for the review. The pdf takes a very long time to download using 56k modem, so be patient.


    Niels Bohr
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    I started to read that website, and the guy's experiences resonated with me. As long as we're all working for that big faceless corporatrion that treats us all as interchangeable units, there's no racism, even among people who were brought up in racist homes and traditions. There's a worthhile psychological or sociological paper soewhere in that observation.

    But then he segues into "Jewish influence" and "Competition between Jew and Whites" (! Jews are not white?), and I go whoop-de-doo, another wing nut.

    I am probably as big a defender of The Bell Curve and as big a smiter of Marxoid tabula rasism as you will find on these boards - which isn't saying much. But Jewish conspiracies belong in the trash can.
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