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    hello everybody, Im going into my 3rd year as an EE major, usually between semesters ill either prep or try to learn more tools for my tool box. my question is this: are there any tools (languages, certifications, subjects, etc.) that would "really" aid me when i enter the workforce?

    *hey thanks for taking the time to read my post*
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    One thing that is critical in the workplace: getting along with others. Sure, people with poor people skills can get a job, but advancement is often very dependent on your soft skills. Wiki has a pretty good list of specific skills:


    I can't offer you any specific guidance for how to develop these skills, since I don't know your situation. But joining clubs or doing volunteer work, that sort of thing, would be a good place to start.
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    Funny you say that. I was going to say "having a personality". LOL.
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    You could always go for the E.I.T. certification as the first step towards professional certification. This is more important to some positions than to others but if you are not sure where you will end up and would like another thing to put on your resume it would not hurt.
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