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More angry rants

  1. Dec 17, 2006 #1
    1. Babies are terrorists; thus they should not be allowed on planes.

    2. Motorwheelchairs are motorized vehicles with wheels and should not be allowed on sidewalks (same as motorcycles).

    3. Sick people should wear filter masks rather than using random people in the street as guinea pigs to be infected with a novel subspecies of drug-resistant flu.

    It's not pretty, but someone had to say it!
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    Rach for president!!!
  4. Dec 17, 2006 #3
    My campaign pledge is to take the hardline against babies in this global War On Annoyances.
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    Man, you complain too damn much, and this is coming from me, a complainer!
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    :rofl: I think 1 and 3 might be closely related. Babies are definitely bioterrorists, constantly spreading nasty germs everywhere they go!
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    So who is doing something about it? Nobody!

    So who is doing something about it? Nobody!

    So who is doing something about it? Nobody!

    So, who is our hero? Nobody, therefore:

    nobody for president!
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    Geez, I already find it frustrating enough driving behind buses. You're suggesting that I should have to drive behind a motorized wheel chair?:biggrin:

    Of course this would be just as terrifying for the person in the wheelchair.

    Could you imagine making a left turn in a wheelchair in downtown traffic doing a top speed of 5km/h? lol
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    jim mcnamara

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    I had a colleague with an interesting point of view: That until your children all reach circa age 12 you will be periodically re-infected by viruses (his example was Rhinovirus) that you already have some resistance to. He selected age 12 as the point at which children develop a fully functioning immune system. I like to think of it as more related to hygiene vs "lowgiene".

    Anyway - these folks at the George Washington U School of Public Health think the same way with regard to flu:

    http://www.healthinschools.org/ejournal/2005/dec1.htm [Broken]
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