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hi ladies and gents! this is my first post so excuse any stupidity on my part!!

Basically I'm trying to create batch files but i have no programming experience in DOS. Fortunately I am only trying to achieve a simple goal.

I effectively want to automize a kind of 'drag and drop' procedure: I want a program that takes a file from one directory and 'applies' it to an Exec program in another directory.

I can't just associate the file extension with a program, because i want files from different directories to be associated with different exec programs- even though the file extensions remain the same.

ie. All files in any given directory are to be associated with a particular program, but all files in another directory are to be applied with another program.

I probably need to expand on the info I've given so far, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!
You do, as you surmise, need to expand on exactly what it is that you want but basically, if I understand it, you want to move an executable file (an EXE file) to another folder and cause it to execute there. That is very simply done using the COPY command to move the file and then just name the file (in the .BAT command file) to execute it.

I'd need more info to be specific about the file associations you want.

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