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More chemistry questions

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    Can a chemistry expert explain the following to me

    What is meant by the term "pi" bond cloud?

    Why does hexane have a zig-zag shape?

    What is an electrophile?

    Thank you kindly
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    Pi bond refers to a molecular orbital "cloud" formed from either two Pz or Py atomic orbitals; Px orbitals do not form pi bonds. Of the bonding molecular orbitals (remember there are antibonding and bonding) refer to the areas of high electron positional probability throughout the whole molecule. It is named the pi bond due to its distinctive shape and strength from the sigma bond. From this you can deduce the connotations of a "cloud."

    If you truly wish to see why the hexane has a zig zag shape you should buy a chemistry molecular kit. Each carbon has 4 sp3 hybrid atomic orbitals. If you wish to know the shape of any molecule from the molecular formula simply use the valence bond theory. From the deduction that each carbon has sp3 orbitals you can figure out which shape of hexane allows for the greatest deviance from electron repulsion; the zig zag shape allows for the least electron repulsion and thus the greatest stability.

    You can deduce what is meant by electrophile simply from its name; electron loving. That is molecules of Lewis acid nature. Most of organic chemistry deals with lewis acid/base. That is an electrophile will seek another molecule which has lone pairs so that it can form bonds through a dative nature.

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